You are the Magician of the Moment

You poster15.jpg

Poster Design

18" x 24"

Fall 2018

A typographic poster in which I express the idea that," You are the Magician of the Moment." In support of this quote, I referenced two poems that I found that emphasized my message. I wanted to experiment with only using type and allowing the letterforms to speak for themselves. For the final piece, I chose navy and gold due to the magical and elegant feeling the color combination exudes. The gold creates contrast so that it is immediately seen from afar. In addition, the letterform of the M Is emphasized to resemble the movements of a wand that is seen a lot in movies or shows from childhood. 



Since this was the first time I worked with using only type, I decided to allow myself to experiment and come up with multiple iterations digitally. I established that I wanted to pick typefaces that were more whimsical and classical to relate to my theme of magic and time.

For the first few iterations, I kept it relatively safe. I struggled with trying to create an interesting and more experimental composition. Eventually, it became hard to find the focal point in the design, so I slowly started to simplify the design. I then started to experiment with scale shift and creating contrast. In order to do this, I thought about what I wanted to be seen from afar and what I wanted to be seen up close to attract the viewer to look closer.