Visual identity 

Concept Development

Packaging Design

U|O is a luxury hand care line that encourages mindfulness through taking care one of our most valuable tools, our hands. 


The purpose of this project was to think of a design solution that could allow people to slow down and be mindful. Sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves, so I wanted to focus on our most used asset, our hands. This led me to think about a line of products just for hand care that ranged from rings to hand creams.



"It follows that the soul is analogous to the hands; for as the hand is a tool of tools..."



The 'U' represents the person. The circle represents a sense of harmony and continuous flow that is within a person. I chose black and white as a symbol of balance and contrasted it with a neon rainbow color scheme as I felt it is vibrant, eye catching, and not definitive.

UO ring-07.png



For the ring packaging, I decided to use a paper pillow box instead of a ring box. It is a more sustainable solution as many people may not use a ring box due to space and throw it out.

For the hand cream packaging, I wanted to utilize the neon color scheme as identifiers between different types of hand cream and also to stand out on the shelf. The icon on the top is also placed to be more easily identifiable during transport. 

There are also two variations of the bag that express the ideals of the brand through two different representations of the logo.

Thank you!