Annual Report Microsite


Visual Design

Concept Development

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Tapestry is a fashion house that houses Coach, Kate Spade New York, and Stuart Weitzman.


The project was to build a microsite based on the Annual Report of Tapestry, Inc.

For this project, the branding is an interpretation of the original Tapestry branding. My target audience is stakeholders, so I focused mainly on sales distribution among the three brands and financial data. 

I liked the Tapestry iconography they already had, but I wanted to utilize them more to embrace the idea that all the brands are united yet add their own personalities to create a unique fabric within the fashion industry.

I wanted to create a simplistic, yet expressive experience for stakeholders so that they can quickly access the data they need and also experience the style of Tapestry.


The about page informs viewers about who they are and their origins as Coach. I felt it was important to include the timeline as it demonstrates Tapestry's growth and expansion. 

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Tapestry Graphic Assets-02.png
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The brands page is a breakdown of the three brands housed by Tapestry. Since each brand has their own individual personality, I felt it was important to highlight that while also showing how they work together as a whole by breaking down how each contribute within Tapestry.

The responsibility section reflects their 2019 Responsibility Report that was broken down into three sections: our planet, our people, and our community.  This page serves as a summary that highlights their achievements.

The financial data was broken down and simplified down to key points mostly based around total and net profits. 

Thank you!