'No Sleep Till Tokyo' by Miyavi

Album Vinyl Cover Redesign

Concept Development


Visual System 

No Sleep Banner.png

'No Sleep Till Tokyo' by Miyavi is an energetic Japanese rock album that sparks hope and reflects different points of life that anyone can experience. 


I wanted to capture the hope and energy I get from this album.

This album, beginning with the song 'Star,' reminded me of a time when I was a child and looked out the window to the night sky while I dreamed of my future. For me, this album, from beginning to end, is an emotional journey towards an end goal or a dream.



The story begins with a youth that is looking at the stars through their bedroom window which prompts them to rush forward towards their future. 

Vinyl Sleeve

The cover illustrates the transition between the dreamer and the destination. This idea is presented through the wide open, dreamy eyes that holds a vision of the future, which is a general depiction of a city and a reference to the album title, 'No Sleep Till Tokyo.' 

For the vinyl packaging, I went with a gatefold sleeve as I saw an opportunity to showcase more of the themes presented in the album. I wanted the story to continue from the cover, and give the listener a preface to the vinyl, and the entire journey that is presented from hopeful, high energy to lows, and then acceptance.

For the interior illustrations, on the left panel, the blue light continues as a representation of a speedy traveler. I wanted to capture a frenzied feeling of rushing to reach a destination. On the right panel, the butterfly reflects the song, 'Butterfly,' as it reflects the feeling of wanting to fly away and a low point in the journey. 

Streaming Graphics


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