'Levels' by Louie Zong

Album Cover Redesign

Concept Development


Visual System 


'Levels' is a lively instrumental album where each song seems to reflect a different environment in another world.


I wanted to capture the lively and adventurous spirit that I felt from my first impression of the album. 

From first listen, this album made me think of a game setting where a bubbly main protagonist travels to different worlds to reach a final destination.

For your listening enjoyment:

Main Protagonist

A bubbly explorer, fully prepared with a backpack that contains a map and water, traveling with its best friend.

Levels Protagonist-01.png

Taking inspiration from adventure games, I formulated the concept of each world being a different level that will eventually reach the next level by collecting the Star Coin. The Life Orbs are resources that act like currency.

Levels Coin-05.png
Levels Coin-04.png

Life Orb

Star Coin


CD Sleeve

For the cover, I wanted to illustrate the start of a level in the protagonist's adventure.

I wanted to represent the CD as the final destination and, therefore, the Star Coin. The sleeve that holds the CD is a cut out of a simplified representation of the different levels that leads to the Star Coin.


Levels Dash-03.png

The CD represents the last Star Coin that needs to be collected before moving on to the next level, or the next album.

The poster is an extension of the level presented on the CD cover. I wanted to illustrate the different worlds that the listener encounters while listening to the album. 


Thank you!