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Pop Up Learning Lab

E-Learning Platform

User Interface Design

Visual Identity

GNV PopUp Screen-03.png

Pop-Up Learning Lab is an E-Learning Platform that aims to teach citizens about things that have to do with the City of Gainevilles such as the city's app, myGNV, or how to make a public records request.


The project was to brand the City of Gainesville's new E-Learning Platform that teaches citizens about their city through interactive games. 

The goal was to create a platform that would help educate citizens so that they know what they can do to effectively make change. By improving the city through giving citizens the resources and knowledge they need to do so, this platform would be the building blocks to create a stronger foundation within the city. 



Pop- Up Learning Lab is a platform that emphasizes quick on-the-go learning. This platform can be displayed on kiosks where citizens can quickly participate if they have some free time. The logo is meant to reference this idea with the words 'pop up' literally popping up from the term 'learning lab.'

To visually represent the idea behind this platform, I decided to utilize the literal representation of colored building blocks. For each topic, the information is split into 3 defining actions: learn, play, and act. I assigned a color to each action: blue for learn, red​ for play, and yellow for action. Teal is a reference to the city. Therefore, there is a block that represents each aspect of this platform.


Style Guide

I created this style guide to be sent to different groups of developers that were/are working on different games for specific topics. 

The colors and typefaces needed to stay within the city guidelines while also emphasizing a sense of fun as we wanted these games to appeal towards a wide range of citizens. I chose bright primary colors due to how they speak to the idea of foundations and the contrast they provide from each other.



The home page serves as a splash page that introduces the intentions of the platform, and is also a call to action for the user to begin playing the games available.

The about page breaks down the 'what,' 'why,' and 'how' of Pop-Up Learning lab.



Homelessness Awareness Campaign

Visual Identity

Concept Development


GNV Embrace Header-05.png

EmbraceGNV is an awareness campaign that was developed in collaboration with all the fellows in Strategic Initiatives to address stigmas people have against people experiencing homelessness and to propose resources to the city.



Data Analyst Fellow: Jeremy Griffith

Engagement Fellow: Amy Kawood

Experience Design Fellow: Rachel Weber

1. Lockers

Our initial idea was to propose free lockers in the downtown area for people experiencing homelessness to store their belongings so that they can move around easier and look for jobs, or go to work. 

2. Field Work & Research

After getting feedback from our supervisors and people from organizations of similar intentions, doing field work and research, we found that many resources may not be implemented, especially in public spaces such as downtown, if public opinions are against people experiencing homelessness. 

3. Surveys & Interviews

In response, we created a survey for the community to gage public opinion on people experiencing homelessness. We also developed an interview guide in order to interview people that are currently experiencing homelessness to get their personal stories and insights based on their experience, and what resources would be helpful for them. 

4. Analysis

We analyzed our results with the help of our Data Analyst Fellow and found that we ended up with a sample size of 313 members of the community; However, our results did show bias due to our sample population consisting of majority white females. This does still provide valuable information that can inform our campaign, so after analyzing the results, we found that in terms of the community, a large percentage of people were empathetic towards people experiencing homelessness, but did not know how to help. A percentage also held stigmas where they associated people experiencing homelessness as people that are on the street, and that they are just lazy and not trying to get a job. 

For the interviews, the Engagement and Experience Design Fellow managed to interview 8 people that were currently experiencing homelessness and we were able to get a good amount of personal stories and insights. A lot of them directly addressed some of the misconceptions some people had and, therefore, are highlighted in our campaign.


For the overall tone of the campaign, we established that we wanted to evoke empathy and hope. The main goal for this campaign is to address pre-existing misconceptions that some people might have against people that are experiencing homelessness. We want to express the idea that these people are human just like us, but are going through a tough time and we should support changes made that would be in favor of giving them the help they need.

The logo I developed for this campaign emphasizes the idea of embracing your neighbor through a literal and simple representation of the embrace by utilizing circles and semicircles that would be made prevalent throughout the entire campaign. This iconography then encapsulates the name of our campaign, embraceGNV.

embraceGNV Colors-06.png

For the colors, I wanted to choose colors that would evoke optimism and empathy such as the pink and orange. Blue and teal were also included as a nod to the city colors, and are also known to promote feelings of trust. 


The goal for the posters was to address specific misconceptions the community might have against people experiencing homelessness. The first 2 posters are infographics that address specific topics and the last 2 poster focus on the interviews we conducted and the personal stories, along with insights, that we gained.

The photographs were taken by Amy Kawood and Rachel Weber.

Poster 1: Addresses the misconception that people experiencing homelessness is limited to people that are on the streets.

embraceGNV Campaign Poster 1
Campaign Posters_Final-03.jpg

Poster 2: Addresses the ways people can help, the misconception that all people experiencing homelessness are just lazy and do not want to work, and how easy it is to become homeless.

Campaign Posters_Final-08.jpg
Campaign Posters_Final-08.jpg

Poster 3 :  Highlights the personal stories of some of the people we interviewed and their insights that address the stigmas that people have against them, and others that are going through similar hardships. 

Campaign Posters_Final-09.jpg
Campaign Posters_Final-09.jpg

Poster 4:  A continuation from poster 3 that highlights powerful insights from the people that we interviewed.

Campaign Posters_Final-10.jpg
Campaign Posters_Final-10.jpg

Thank you!