Field & Fork Farm and Gardens

Map and Collateral Design

Concept Development

Collaborative Design

Visual System 

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Field and Fork Farm and Gardens is a University of Florida resource that is managed by faculty, students and volunteers to address food insecurity and provide learning opportunities.


Co-designer: Kirsten Telhiard

Field and Fork came to Mint Design Studio and wanted a welcome kiosk for the farm and gardens to be paired with designs for recipe cards that they already offer. 


The project goal was to design a welcome kiosk and visual system that could be implemented to other platforms that is easily replicable for future use. We wanted to bring awareness to the program and increase diversity in student involvement outside of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

Before we started designing, we went out to Field & Fork to interview and then volunteer!

Welcome Kiosk

We decided that for the welcome kiosk, it would be a good idea to display an informative map of Field & Fork. Based on interview responses and personal experience, it was very difficult to pinpoint where it is located. In addition, we found that many people had passed by but were unaware of its presence.

For the visual language of our deliverables, we decided to develop a system of geometric icons that would feel more modern, be easily replicable for future use, and stay consistent throughout all of our collateral designs.

We left half of the kiosk empty so that they can post events or news under the map.


Recipe Cards

The recipe cards also followed the same visual language as the kiosk which implements geometric symbols. We developed 4 symbols that could be paired together to signify the type of recipe. We wanted to convey the idea of fresh food and kept the symbols simple to allow for flexibility.

recipe symbols-08.png

T-Shirt & Tote Bag 

For the T-shirt and tote bag, we developed a pattern that is a combination of the different icons used throughout this project. The combination stands as a representation of Field & Fork as a whole. 

Crop Signs

For the crops signs, we identified 4 main categories of crops and created a sign for each: Leafy greens, fruits, flowers, and root vegetables. We then expanded on our symbols to accommodate the categories.

Thank you!